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Twitter Strategies For Schools To Boost Engagement

Twitter was launched in the year 2006 and since then there is no looking back. This platform is extremely popular for this micro-blogging feature where the entire script has to be encapsulated within 280 characters. ‘How to get tweets noticed’ is one of the most popular questions that netizens ask because the organic traffic any brand or organization obtains from Twitter is beyond imagination! For academic purposes, Twitter has played a significant role in promotion and marketing a ...Read More

School Administration Must Be Optimistic For Real

Educational leaders have always created milestones and acted as pioneers to students and teachers. Teaching, it's harder than it looks but with correct leadership, academic institutions prosper. A school earns its reputation by the academic results produced by students but a school runs the best under an efficient administration and leadership.   Education administration is a real job and it requires lots of expert advice. Teachers who are aiming at going for a career change as admini ...Read More

Main Types of Decision Making

If you currently work in an educational leadership role, or used to work in one previously, you will know that as managers and leaders, we always have to take decisions for almost all the activities that go on within an institute. Some of these decisions may be a bit more strategic and serve a long-term purpose, while some may be taken for meeting immediate requirements. Although decision making constitutes a major portion of an educational leader or manager’s role, it can sometimes p ...Read More

Benefits of Enrolling for Distance Learning Programs on Education Management

Courses on education management such as diploma in education leadership and management have been on the rise over the past few years as the focus on educational leadership has escalated. Institutes and governments have acknowledged the importance of ensuring proper management of the educational facilities in order for the other bits of learning to fall in place. In addition to this, there has also been a surge in the demand for education management courses with distance learning options. Dista ...Read More

Guidelines to Make Personalized Learning More Effective Process

As opposed to the idea of “one size fits all” let us visualize a classroom where students have the freedom to work on personalized plans or schemes of work. One may call this an alternate approach to education – personalized learning. The task for the teacher in the initial stages of practicing personalized learning may appear complicated; however with the right intent, regular practice and timely planning, the experience not only becomes enriching and effective for students, b ...Read More

Importance of Institutional Planning

Institutional Planning has been treated as the basic unit or grass root level of the larger educational planning. When a plan is prepared by a particular institute on the basis of its own development and improvement, we call it Institutional Planning. The main purpose of Institutional Planning is to improve the school programme and school practices. It is based on the principle of optimum utilization of the resources available in the school and community. Objectives of Institutional Planning: ...Read More

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