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Online Course on Effective Feedback

Giving Effective Feedback, is a short online course on effective feedback, that has been designed and developed for senior working professionals, especially those belong to the training arena so that they become aware of the ways to provide effective and meaningful feedback. Unbiased feedback has become an integral part of an individual’s development of his personality and practices which on the other end will also be beneficial for the organization that he/she is working for. Therefore, it is essential for professionals to learn how to deliver feedback effectively.

Giving Effective Feedback and Career Opportunities

Whether you are providing formal or informal feedback, to have an impactful and effective feedback is the key. The course Giving Effective Feedback aims at helping you discover important feedback delivery tactics, how to deliver a message in ways that a recipient can accept and use them to reactively make potential changes, as well as how to accept feedback that we are offered in turn.
How to provide feedbacks that are constructive, honest but are delivered in such a manner that is not hurtful? Most often than not, those providing feedbacks often are perplexed with the thought: “Can our desire to be honest release too much information and be hurtful instead of constructive?” Enrolling in this short course on effective feedback will give you the clear concept of the right approach to provide feedback and at the same time perceived as “fair and friendly” among all, at the workplace.

  • Learn how to engage in careful observation
  • Learn to provide effective and constructive feedback
  • Excel in your profession by knowing the correct technique to providing feedback

Course Duration & Fee

Giving Effective Feedback program is moderately priced at 75USD/ 60 GBP. Candidates residing in USA and UK need to pay an additional Certification Dispatch fee. Additional International certification is arranged at extra cost.
The access for the course is provided for 12 months (1 year).

Giving Effective Feedback is moderately priced at 4,875 INR. Candidates residing in India need not pay any additional Certification Dispatch fee. Additional International certification is arranged at extra cost.
The access for the course is provided for 12 months (1 year).

Course Outline

  • Feedback definitions
  • Explain why feedback is essential
  • Apply a framework for providing formal or informal feedback
  • Communication strategies; use descriptive language in delivering feedback
  • Describe six characteristics of effective feedback
  • Receiving feedback graciously

Certification Details

  • Globally recognized certificate from Asian College of Teachers is awarded on successful completion
  • The coveted certificate will help you make your professional journey a global one

Course Delivery & Assessment

Giving Effective Feedback Program is a short online course designed for working professionals working in managerial/supervisory/training area and who are looking to learn the effective and constructive approaches to providing feedback so that they will be beneficial both for their personal as well as professional life then enrolling in this online course will be suitable for you as it is not always feasible for working professionals to attend an on-site program.

The entire course is available online and people can pursue the course from anywhere in the world with an internet connection and avoid the hassles of spending time, money and energy that is usually associated with traveling. Each candidate is provided with a unique username and password and web addresses. By logging in with the information provided, a candidate gets access to all the study material online.

  • Since the entire studying is done online, the course is supported by plenty of videos, and practical works
  • Provides an opportunity to the trainees to obtain the feel of a classroom and to understand the teachings in a virtual classroom
  • Technical support is always available when you need it

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