Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Administration, Management & Leadership Program

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PG Diploma in Educational Administration, Management & Leadership from Asian College of Teachers

Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Administration, Management & Leadership Program is the most advanced level course comprising an exhaustive curriculum which covers all the major areas of managing and leading educational institutions. The detailed course has been designed for educational administrators, senior educators and educational leaders as well as professionals belonging to other sector planning a career as successful administrators and leaders and looking to master administration known as the art and science of getting things done efficiently and directing a vision for educational institutions. The course acquaints our learners with a detailed understanding of the role of effective leaders and functioning of education administration and management in the successful running of an institution.

  • PG Diploma Program will best suit the needs of senior administrators and educational leaders
  • It is apt for professionals preparing to hold a senior position in institutional administration
  • Ideal for principals, vice principals and institutional leaders looking to upgrade their knowledge
  • Senior educators, school managers and administrators will find this course beneficial

*Mode of Learning: Online

*Duration: 15-18 months

*Fees: 45000 INR / 750 USD / 565 GBP / 24375 THB

Course Curriculum

PG Diploma in Educational Administration, Management & Leadership Program

PHASE 1 - Components of Educational Administration
PHASE 2 - Human relations in Educational Administration
PHASE 3 – Educational Supervision
PHASE 4 - Decision Making in Educational Administration
PHASE 5 - Curriculum Issues in Administration
PHASE 6 - Understanding Institution as an organisation and its context
PHASE 7 - Understanding Education Leadership
PHASE 8 - Leading and motivating a team effectively
PHASE 9 - Understanding organising and delegating in the workplace
PHASE 10 - Planning and allocating work
PHASE 11 - Solving problems and making decisions
PHASE 12 - Understanding the communication process in the workplace
PHASE 13 - Crisis and Disaster Management
PHASE 14 - Evaluation of Teaching and Learning
PHASE 15 - Training Centre Management
PHASE 16 - Understanding workplace information systems
PHASE 17 - Understanding how to motivate to improve performance

PHASE 18 - Understanding performance management
PHASE 19 - Diversity in workplace
PHASE 20 - Managing Yourself
PHASE 21 - Understanding Training and Coaching in an Institution
PHASE 22 - Understanding Stress and Conflict Management in the Workplace
PHASE 23 - Introduction to School Management
PHASE 24 - Management Approaches and Decision Making
PHASE 25 - Resource Management
PHASE 26 - Financial Management
PHASE 27 - Physical Infrastructure
PHASE 28 - Classroom Management
PHASE 29 - The School Head
PHASE 30 - Institutional Planning
PHASE 31 - Understanding Discipline in the Workplace
PHASE 32 - Understanding Customer Service Standards and Requirements
PHASE 33 - Understanding Innovation and Change in an Institution
PHASE 34 - Understanding Quality Management in the Workplace

Course Delivery & Assessment

  • The online programs in 3 levels are delivered in online mode as these are designed and aimed at both aspiring as well as working professionals.
  • Anyone interested can enrol in the program from any part of the world with an internet connection.
  • You can avoid the hassles of spending time, money and energy that is usually associated with travelling.
  • You can start with any of the programs as soon as the payment is made.
  • Each candidate is provided with a unique username and password.
  • By logging in with the information provided, a candidate gets access to all the study materials online.
  • Theprograms are supported by plenty of videos, extra resources, case studies etc.
  • The courses are divided into phases and you have to attempt assignments and case studies.
  • The assignments are reflective to test a candidate’s understanding of the subject.

Certification Details

  • Educational Administration, Management & Leadership Programs are accredited by International Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (QAHE)
  • Globally recognized certificate from ACT is awarded on successful completion of the course
  • The word "Online" is not mentioned in the certificates
  • Shipment of certificates within India is done free of cost
  • Candidates residing outside India are required to pay an additional fee

Post Graduate Diploma in Education Leadership

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