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Certificate in Coaching & Mentoring is a specially designed and detailed course aimed at developing and boosting the coaching and mentoring skills of professionals willing to foray into the profession of coaching or just acquaint themselves with its features to excel in their current professional role or as an employee of a corporate organization. The course introduced by Centre for Training & Professional Development (CTPD) is an all-inclusive compact program comprising of 2-days live online session.

Certificate in Coaching & Mentoring and Career Opportunities

Certificate in Coaching & Mentoring is the ideal course for those professionals who are willing to be associated with or are already associated with the coaching and mentoring, especially during this pandemic. The 2-day session is conducted live online providing adequate scope for the learners to interact with each other and share ideas and concepts. The session is useful to the participants helping them to build a successful professional career, irrespective of their career path. The training session facilitated by our experts comprises of pertinent topics like role of a coach, coaching methods and even knowledge on virtual coaching.

The course comes with videos, reference materials, researches, journals, blogs and resources which you can access throughout your life. The training being conducted online is accessible from any part of the world.

  • The program can be pursued by professionals interested to explore coaching and mentoring
  • Suitable for new and inexperienced managers and leaders
  • Ideal for principals and institutional heads looking to upgrade their mentoring skills
  • Senior teachers, administrators and educationists too can apply for this program

Course Fee & Date

Centre for Training & Professional Development’s (CTPD) Certificate in Coaching & Mentoring program is reasonably priced at 4,000 INR (inclusive of GST).

Coming soon

Early Bird offer for signing up with 50% of fees 90 days before the program @ 15% discount

Course Curriculum

  • What Is Coaching?
  • Difference between Coaching and Mentoring
  • Types of Coaching
  • Coaching Skills & Behaviours
  • Roles of a Coach
  • Coaching beyond Basics
  • Critical Coaching Skills
  • Interpersonal Communication Skills
  • Getting Better with Communication
  • Helping Skills
  • Teaching Skills
  • Challenging Skills
  • Learning Styles & Principle
  • Coaching Models
  • Virtual Coaching

Certification Details

  • The corporate training segment of ACT, CTPD qualifications provide individuals and organizations with a means to develop a career pathway based on earning a certification in Learning and Developmental Skills
  • This Certificate delivers a competency set aligned with the relevant L & D Standards published by the CTPD Asia

Course Delivery & Assessment

Certificate in Coaching & Mentoring by Centre for Training & Professional Development (CTPD), a division of Asian College of Teachers (ACT) is available in live online mode. Since this course is designed and aimed at working professionals, it is not viable to have an on-site program for which very few working professionals would be available. Also due to the current pandemic situation, it is highly recommended that you continue your learning from the safety and comfort of your home. It also proves beneficial as it cuts the hassles of spending time, money and energy that are usually associated with travelling. The entire course is available online and people can enrol in the course from any part of the world with an internet connection. The live online session is quite interactive where participants can exchange ideas with their peers and ask queries to their facilitator while being live. The course is supported by plenty of videos, reference materials, researches, journals, blogs and resources which you can access throughout your life.

Credit system to earn your Diploma

Each 1-day face to face program comes with 1 credit and Specialized Short courses come with 2 credits and our 4-5 days’ program comes with 4-5 credits. After you add 4 credits to your account, you are eligible for a Professional Diploma and with 10 credits you can earn Professional PG Diploma.

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