What Makes A School Principal Efficient In The Educational Administration System?

6th April 2018

Succeed as an effective principal in school administration techniques:

The Principal of the school as the educational leader holds the key position in the institution. The principal is an important component of the school trained in the educational administration and management courses and takes up the responsibility to work upon the positive development of the teachers and students.

While individual teachers adopt the practices of a 21st-century classroom, the real impact on students happens when principals keep in constant coordination with others involved in the learning process.

The focal points about of an effective principal:

An effective principal looks at different angles to work on organizational goals and focuses on achieving them.  Principals at times need to work on plans to meet the needs of all students through different approaches that have not been used before. 

  1. The vision statement of a school principal should provide guidance, serve as the foundation of the decisions taken and collaborate with other members involved in the educational organization.
  2. The school principals set an example by being a visionary, who conveys a clear and well-communicated mission for their school, its staff and the wider community.
  3. Effective principals enable students to learn in highly collaborative, connected classrooms that enable them to grow and develop, nurturing a safe and comfortable ambience.
  4. Efficient principals create a healthy and fruitful atmosphere to enhance a cooperative spirit and ensure that other foundations of interaction prevail in the educational organization.


What sets the 21st century School principal apart?

  1. Principals trained in educational administration and management courses become effective communicators and facilitators in order to deliver their vision.
  2. Effective principals are experts in their field of teaching. They understand the implications of and rationales behind various pedagogical techniques in the 21st Century.
  3. A principal creates the vision and motivates and inspires the staff and students to high levels of achievement.
  4. An effective principal looks at different angles to solve problems.  They meet the needs of students by taking different approaches that have not been used before. 
  5. In their role as effective principals, they set goals, monitor teaching and learning, review and use data for planning and improvement, implement training and provide feedback for growth to their staffs on an on-going and regular basis.


Principals drive through challenges by improving education management systems:

  1. The real challenge facing most schools is how to sustain improvement through the continuous changes that keep on happening in the field of global education.
  2. Sustainability depends upon the school’s internal capacity to maintain and support developmental work and sustaining improvement requires the leadership capability of the many rather than the few.
  3. Effective principals work their way through the path of success and development through the diploma in school management course by implementing true leadership skills learned for enhanced development. 
  4. Students of the 21st century want more access to technology and more choice in learning.
  5. The young learners want more challenging coursework that led to better opportunities in their journey of life.
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