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5 Tips To Protect Your School From Cyber-Attacks

11th May 2022

As a school manager, it is your responsibility to keep your school well-functioned and secure. The website’s hosting and structure of your school influences the speed, dependability, uptime and most notably, the security of your website.

Did you know from July to August, 2020, Microsoft’s Global Threat Activity Tracker spotted more than 8 million malware events — with education being the most affected industry. With theresult of the recent urgency to adopt e-learning, cybercriminals are searching for various opportunities to swindle schools, steal delicate information or arrange ransomware schemes to extract money.

Needless to say, online education gives numerous positive breaks for learners and teachers identical, it is more significant than ever to reinforce cybersecurity.

Different Types of School Website Hacks

Following are the various types of common website hacks ---

  • DDoS Attack – The “distributed denial of service" usually occurs when invaders send more requests to a webpage than the server can cope with, which engulfs the servers and causes them to crash.
  • Phishing – This involves of a hacker sending emails that seem genuine to individuals within an organization to get personal information, such as passwords and credit card numbers.
  • Malware and Ransomware - Most malware is fixed without the infected person ever understanding it by simply clicking on a hyperlink or opening a program. The most common kind of malware used against schools is Ransomware.
  • Brute Force Attack – This is executed by using various password hacking tools to crack the login of users to gain contact to their account.
  • Non-Targeted Website Attacks – Here, the hacker “targets vulnerabilities that exist in a CMS, plugin or template.”
  • Espionage - In the case of higher education organizations like Universities/Colleges, they’re frequently centres for research and hold valued intellectual property.

Tips to Protect Your School Website’s Data

Here are some of the helpful tips to protect your school website’s data ---

Professional Training

Delivering the basic training for all users of your network is one way to lessen the effects of a lack of funding and resource. Providing people the essential information to keep the network at all access points, could decrease the number of events caused by human error.

Choosing the Right Platform

While choosing a website provider, ask how and where your website will be hosted, and whether or not it is coded. Where your website is hosted matters as well. Make sure the country your website is being hosted in has data protection guidelines.

Encrypt Your Data

Hackers today can acquire classroom data by seizing it while dynamically in transit. By protecting your data using encryption, you can stop cyber attackers from stealing the data that you send and accept.

Back Up Your Data

Well, if your work or institution needs the storage of student data, it is significant to back it up to stop attackers from targeting this private data in Ransomware-style attacks where you may be locked out until a payoff is paid.

Practice Good Password Management

It’s very easy to take shortcuts when it comes to passwords. A password management program can help you to preserve unique passwords for all of your accounts.

When it comes to in-person education, schools usually offer consistent protection to learners that confines them from retrieving harmful content. If you are a parent and your house has wi-fi, make sure that your home’s Wi-Fi consist of encryption with a strong password to restrict outside access.


Well, cyber attackers continue to exploitand it willbring new threats and vulnerabilities. Therefore, now it is more significant than ever to keep yourself and your school safe. The certificate in school management and leadership program will help you to run your school efficiently. Following the instructions above can support better secure your technology and personal information from the threats of cybercrime.

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Written By : Sonal Agrawal

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