A School Principal Or An Administrator? Assess Yourself Now!

16th June 2022

An age-long debate has tormented the common mass whose contribution is more valuable in a school a principal, or ad administrator. Well, the roles of a school administrator and that of a school principal are different and the contribution of each of them is impeccable in their own domains.

The administrative positions in schools are related to the school management, the operational activities, keeping financial records, documentation of students and staff, school policies, and their functions. The job of a school principal, on the other hand, revolves mainly around academic coordination, developing and monitoring the implementation of curriculum, etc. One of the important skills of a school principal is to handle students’ and staff’s affairs and maintain direct communication with parents as well.

To be honest, both principals and school administrators can work in all these mentioned domains. A school principal will have to look after the budget because he decides and designs the curriculum and the smooth functioning of a curriculum needs a foolproof budget plan. School administrators will have to interact with parents because they handle the major operational activities.

It sounds confusing, right? But readers if you cannot decide what you should become, the principal of a school or an administrator, just don’t worry! School leadership and management courses will help you to decide which role will suit your skills and personality. These are also as helpful as coaching and mentoring courses online that help learners to understand which job will be beneficial to them.

A successful principal of an elementary, middle, and high school has excellent leadership skills. So what is the difference between educational leadership and administration? It can be explained in a simple way. Leadership is a major part of a principal’s job and a significant section of a principal’s work revolves around executing his leadership skills. So there are 5 key responsibilities of a school principal as a leader:

  • It is the duty of a school principal to create a learning environment that is suitable for students and teachers as well.
  • She/he engages with parents continuously because their feedback matters the most for implementing further improvement.
  • Being a leader and a real mentor, a school principal helps to inculcate leadership qualities in potential teachers also.
  • The job role includes developing a shared vision around standards and success for all students.
  • A school principal also encourages to improve the instruction system.

Watch how a school principal prioritizes a healthy learning environment:

School administrators are excellent planners. Their strategic minds are super fast and their basic motto is to ensure that a school runs smoothly and hassle-free. School administrators play a great role in handling public relations and are efficient in conflict management. Members of educational administration have superb problem-solving skills. They have to look after the budget management and make sure that all educational programs are running frictionless.

Their major roles are:

  • School administrators manage budgets, logistics, and events or meetings.
  • They handle scheduling, record-keeping, and reporting to their leaders.
  • They make sure that there is no breach of laws from the school’s end.
  • They play an integral role in developing and running educational programs.
  • Recruiting staff, and training them effectively are other major parts of their jobs.
  • School administrators counsel students when needed and also solve major conflicts.
  • They communicate with parents, regulatory bodies, and the public.
  • They contribute to the creation of the school curriculum.
  • They implement actions that improve the school and the quality of education (e.g. building renovations, new guidelines for students, new subjects) and help to uphold the vision of the school.

Thus, when it comes to leadership the principal of the school is the ideal entity. Whereas, when there is any task involved related to management, operations, etc., where impromptu strategies are required for the welfare of the school and students, the administrators come to action.

School leadership and management courses design the curriculum in such a way that while going through it learners will be able to evaluate and assess their skills. They can figure out their potential and skills and can, therefore, decide which job will suit their traits. If they have excellent strategic minds, operational skills, conflict resolving, problem-solving skills, and so on, they should look for school administrative jobs. If learners have the skills of becoming a school principal, they can definitely work hard for it.

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Written By : Sonal Agrawal

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