How to Channelize Human Relations in School?

8th June 2018

Most problems that may occur can be traced back to the lack of any one or a combination of the international personal communication, group dynamics and mutual responsibilities as the assets or skills to engage in the utterance of a positive situation. Leadership development program for teachers is particularly aiming to help the teachers find a way through this gaps.

Let’s see how that would work?

But before that, we need to understand the theoretical concept of Human relations? What is it?

The concept of Human Relations is generally defined as the capacity to interact and work well with other people individuals.


It looks at social dynamics at both the individual and group level and tackles how they can complement each other to work effectively.

Identifying the problems or issues:

There are numerous problems and challenges when it comes to conflicts within human relations, which factor in a range of dynamics and individual criteria.

Some major conflicting grounds:

However, some major issues which are common to most situations are:

  1. Self-esteem
  2. Mutual respect
  3. Group Dynamics
  4. Communication skills
  5. Motivation

Keeping the very idea of leadership and human relation go side by side, you cannot choose between them, and you have to choose them altogether.

Talking about building rapport…

Relationships involve some level of interdependence between two parties and people in a relationship tend to influence each other by different means; share their thoughts and feelings, and engage in activities together with trust.

Making an impact in the educational premises:

Educational leadership depends on human relation, it all about the relationship at every level, Relationship with teaching staff, administrative staff and students.

“Without good relation with a teacher, it is impossible for a leader to achieve a good academic result.”

“Without the help of administrative staff and teachers it is almost impossible to run a school in proper order, teachers are the soul of a school and without the help of them the school would be a chaos.”

Therefore good relations between leader and his school teachers are very important for the improvement of school and the overall performance of teachers. All of which put together indicate the need to make a valid proposition through the school administration courses online. They are easily read at your comforting time-space, don’t need to worry too much and too many on these.

  • The Headmaster-teacher relation:

Leadership is all about relationship, there is a good leader behind every successful task, and tool of every successful leader is a good human relationship.

A leader inspires others with his character and earned the trust with whom he interacts. He gives respect to his staff members and treats them like a family. He knows the problems of staff members and helps them at the time of crisis.

  • The Teacher-student Relation:

The teacher-student relationship is also very important. A good relationship between them will lead the school to better performance and academic achievements, which will be a success on the part of the leader, therefore it is the responsibility of a leader to provide them with a better environment where teacher and students could develop a better relationship. Get together from time to time and tour of teachers and students outside the school. Arrange co-curricular activities in the school where teacher and student both participate.

  • The Teacher-Parent Relation:

Teacher-parent relationship is vital to achieve better academic results and enhance the performance of students. Because the students spend more time at home than at school, so it is important for a teacher to guide the parents about the strengths and weaknesses of their child.

So it is the responsibility of a leader to organize teacher-parent meetings on regular basis to develop a better relationship between them.


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