7 Big Challenges Faced by School Management & How To Overcome Them

7th July 2022

At present, one of the major issues that school administrators face is the enormous number of paper-based processes. These are essential to their very existence as well. In general, school administrators encounter several difficulties each year. Facing challenges in managing a school is unavoidable yet manageable.

Also, it has always been a great challenge for school management to handle a school and bring together various departments to accomplish the mission. Therefore, there is a budding requirement to update education with the cloud, mobile and digital technologies. Let us go through some of the foremost challenges currently facing schools from all over the world in general.

Most Common Problems in School Management

Here are some frequently observed school management issues, and how solutions can be employed:

  1. Students Registration

    Manual registration of students is a waste of valuable time by standing in queues in order to pay fees and do other important work to function properly. It is not only tedious but also a time-consuming method. However, numerous numbers of schools now moving forward with an online applicant registration system. Outcome less paper consumption and better control over the student’s registration actions.
  2. Managing Courses

    Another major area of concern is managing courses effectively. It is very essential for schools to come up with a set of courses that can become accustomed to the requirements of the institution. School ERP system has the Course or Batch management feature. It helps in upholding all records in one place which directly lessens the burden on school staff.
  3. Teacher Evaluation

    Keeping a track of how well the teachers are doing is yet another important part of operating a school. Proper evaluation of teachers is extremely significant as a school can improve to a significant level through this. Therefore, by using the Polling feature, schools can evaluate teacher performance by sharing an online survey with learners. Based on their feedback, school administrators can plan for a teacher training programs which can help in improving teaching skills.
  4. Classroom Size

    When money gets tight, classroom numbers are often obstructed. Also, most teachers agree that they cannot teach every student in a classroom effectively if the class size exceeds about 30+. In general, classes of 15-17 students in grades K-3 provided both long and short-term profits to both the students and the teachers in those classrooms.
  5. Classroom Management

    Needless to say, it is quite difficult to take proper care of students who are tardy themselves. A classroom has behavioral issues and is undisciplined student as well. All of these things together can affect the classroom environment in a bad way. School ERP Discipline Module aids in handling the disciplinary actions in the school. Admin can keep track of grievances in real time and take better verdicts.

  6. Communication

    Research shows most schools suffer because there is no platform good enough to help the several stakeholders such as students, staff, administrators, and teachers communicate appropriately. Here, an inbuilt messaging system may help in handling the communication among all the stakeholders effectively. With this admin can send a prompt alert to parents or students about an upcoming event. Parents can also communicate with teachers regarding their child’s efficiency and more privately.
  7. Managing Revenues

    Frequently, school administrators face a big problem which is dealing with their finances. In this regard, Fees Management System is one of the significant features of School ERP. It not only streamlines the fee collection process but also supports the admin in keeping a track of real time transactions. Consequently, it reduces the risk of duplicitous transactions.


We understand that there are several other problems admin has to face in their day to day operations. However, if you have the precise solution for each challenge, your school will become a top-notch educational institution. Consider certificate in school management and leadership program.

With a big list of challenges to face, now is the time for teachers, parents and lawmakers to come together and start to find solutions – for the benefit of all students in schools.


Written By : Sonal Agrawal

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