4 Reasons Why Teachers Must Attend Workshop on Education Leadership

9th August 2018

The word ‘school leadership’ often brings wrinkle on many eyebrows whoever hears it for the first time. Many school teachers literally are thinking “Do schools need a management degree for teaching students nowadays, that’s weird?”...

Well, it’s a quite common thing for a teacher to ask in India where still many schools and school teachers are not yet aware of the leadership development program for teachers. The basic reason behind this is:  

  • Not all schools are aware of education leadership
  • Some may think a school education management is not needed in schools
  • Many principals think it’s a wastage of the operational expenses meant for running a school
  • Many school authorities do not even vouch for the requirement to introduce school leadership management in school.

Times are changing now; schools seek resources with leadership quality

With the increase in awareness amongst school teachers and the senior most deans of the convent schools nowadays schools are realising the importance of a ‘school education management degree’. Before going further let’s check out what is the purpose of implementing a school leadership management. Here it goes:


Easy to become an educational supervisor

Often the parents complain that “My daughter lacks smartness, last week she took part in a quiz competition and was asked ‘where do mice live?’ in a rapid answering buzzer round, she quickly retorted, ‘in my bathroom’. That was an embarrassment for me. People laughed out loud as if we don’t pay any attention to develop basic general knowledge within our child”.

– (Mother of a 5th-grade student)

Developing a habit of reading only books, textbooks to be precise has become an outdated idea nowadays. Most of the schools are admitting that it makes children more like a bookworm. Whereas, giving them exposure to activities like quiz sessions, poetry recitation, story writing competition develops their smartness from an early age. A workshop on education leadership always equips a teacher to know different interactive techniques like these to add smartness within a child from their early education. It helps a school to:

  • Prioritise the intelligence of the children along with their school syllabus
  • Inspire a child to explore various curricular activities along with studies
  • Helping children to impose their inbuilt talent on the lessons they are learning
  • Empowering children to know why they are learning and how they can use their skill of learning


The job role of an educational supervisor

A school supervisor with an education management degree enjoys a better salary package than any ordinary teacher. That’s because the individual has got the liberty to implement various interactive ideas so that children might enjoy their lessons along with recreational activities. Apart from attending a certified workshop on education leadership, a teacher who is aspired to be a school education supervisor can enrol in an online based school leadership to strengthen their professional portfolio easily nowadays.


Certified workshop on education leadership within 2 days

The teaching professionals working in most of the schools or academic institutes might say “how is it possible for me to avail a certified workshop on education leadership, without affecting my job?”

The interesting part about this certified degree on leadership development program for teachers is they are only meant for two days. Only two days of your valuable time is sufficient to speed up your teaching career. Being an adult learner it won’t take more than 2 days for you to learn the key elements associated with education leadership. Most of these leadership programs focus on:

  • Discussion on school leadership management
  • Introducing different kinds of methods to avoid conflicts in management
  • Dealing with the individual changes in modern techniques to introduce effective learning methods for young learners
  • Helping the newly appointed recruits to deal with the responsibilities associated with school leadership and management

With one such degree, you learn

  • To deal with school administration management and leadership
  • Learn conflict management within a school and academic institutes
  • Knowing about modern teaching methods to teach young learners
  • Knowing the job responsibilities of a school leadership

Learning to avoid petty conflicts in schools

Conflict management is a very important factor nowadays to run any academic institute or schools.  Often parents complain that “the child fought like beasts and literally beat each other’s black and blue”

Many parents literally come down to the principal and yell on the person thereby claiming an explanation for a reason “why his/her child came back home with a torn shirt collar with bruise or scar marks on his/her face?”

At times professional brawl crops up within teachers too

Sometimes senior teachers are victimised to verbal quarrel due to the problems prior to the ego clash. Often they turn so serious they literally stop seeing each other’s face and start neglecting eye contact with one another.

That’s when a conflict management is needed in almost every educational institutes or schools. A teacher with a certified degree on school leadership management needs to step in during such situations to neutralise the quarrel. An ACT certified degree on leadership development program for teachers always sounds very precious for every school authorities during such a crisis because,

  • It brings a temporary solution (if not an immediate one) to the problem raised by a parent
  • Helps the school authority to deviate its attention for implementing some remedies to control children fighting with one another.
  • To implement creative game sessions or singing competition during the recess hours or play hours so that children get an alternative to fight with one another
  • Acts as a helping hand to alert a teacher immediately to intervene in a petty quarrel before the start of a brawl among children.
  • Helps a school authority to deviate their attention immediately if there is a professional ego clash in between the teachers.

Knowing to implement time management in a leadership development program for teachers

Time management is a very crucial factor when you are taking the helm of a school leadership program. That’s precise because; school leadership includes distinctive time allotment for every event to be held all throughout the year. It includes right from the beginning of the celebration of 26th January i.e. Republic Day till the celebration of 25th December the Christmas Eve. In between, you are also responsible to build an academic chart or time schedule for weekly tests, syllabuses to be covered within half-yearly and annual exams, annual day celebration, Sports day, etc. numerous activities. That’s why ACT certified leadership development program for teachers focuses on time management, as it always helps to: 

  • Introduce cultural atmosphere within a school environment without compromising the academic curriculum within a specific point of time.
  • Tying the faculty and the students along with the parents to reach the mission of the school within a stipulated time span.
  • Without leaving behind the slow learners to cope up with the course where they are lagging behind within a specific academic year.
  • Developing better communication with the parents to evaluate their child’s academic performance within a particular time period.

After all, teaching is just a part. If you are all set to prosper in your professional career as a teacher as well as a school education leader then your decision to grab a certified degree on school leadership management is always a smart move. It will also thrive your basic grade pay.

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