A School Leader's Top 5 List For Effective Communications

16th August 2022

Every job requires human interaction. Team communication is a crucial factor in the success of a school. As a school leader, it is necessary to be honest in order to develop trust. Needless to say, teams that fail to communicate successfully will waste time and energy. So, as a school leader, you need to know how to communicate efficiently.

Some team communication can be a bit meh. Being an effective communicator in a professional or personal life includes the learning the skills. It is needed to exchange information with precision, empathy, and thoughtful.

Understanding the Effective Communication

In simple words, effective communication is a method of exchanging thoughts, feelings, views, knowledge, and data. Thus, it is needed so that the message is well-received and understood with clarity as well as the purpose. When we communicate efficiently, both the sender and receiver feel contented.

In order to make our communication effective, it must be

  • Clear
  • Correct
  • Complete
  • Concise, and
  • Compassionate

These are the 5 C’s of communication, though they may differ depending on who you’re asking.

Proven Advantages of Effective Communication

If we talk about in an organization, effective communication can help you:

  • Manage employees along with building teams
  • Grow your association more quickly and retain employees
  • Advantages of boosted creativity with innovation
  • Shaping strong relationships and attracting more prospects for you or your organization

Top-Notch Tips For Effective Communication

Here are a few proven ways to start refining your communication skills, as a school leader ---

  1. Communicate Early and Frequently

    It’s one of your single-most significant roles as a leader. Organizations live or die by public opinion, isn’t it? Therefore, it is vital to scatter misunderstandings about the quality as well as safety of public schools. In an emergency or a crisis, it is very important to communicate the truths as soon as possible to staff, parents and the public. It has been seen that the most problems of an organization has faced can be traced back to communication difficulties, and most administrators lose their jobs because of communication problems.
  2. Frequently Communicate Face-To-Face

    The more problematic the situation you’re speaking about, the more vital it is to do your communication face-to-face. Usually, most parents say they get valuable information about their schools from radio, TV and newspapers. You can also add various things like conducting small group discussions/meetings, speaking before a large group and frequently conducting phone conversations. Newsletter articles, as well as news, are also very effective. Remember, students are one of your audiences, also!
  3. Clear Message

    Try to make your message as clear as possible. Always listen to your audience clearly. Learn about their intentions, requirements, and needs. Consider the 5 C’s of communication to ensure your message is:
    • Clear
    • Correct
    • Complete
    • Concise, and
    • Compassionate

    Make sure to communicate in a way that accomplishes most of these features.

  4. Consider External Feedback

    Always try to consider various feedback outside the school. Formulate yourself to handle any criticism that may be brought up. Try to interpret any criticisms as productive. When you start that you appreciate feedback and actively take it on board, people will keep you well well-versed. Active listening includes paying close attention to what others are saying, and asking descriptive questions to establish their understanding.
  5. Always Use the Right Medium

    Always try to use the right medium or platform. Effective communication needs you to reflect on whether you need to meet in person or if Zoom would suit. Find out if your message is casual enough to use WhatsApp, or would require a formal email to be more efficient. Whatever medium you choose, make sure it should be instinctive and appropriate for you and your situation.


To conclude, we can say that just like anything else, communication is most effective when explored, planned and evaluated. Consider a program on Communication Techniques for School Managers. The program gives you knowledge on conflict management and resolution, how to deal with conflicts and to efficaciously control and/or diffuse workplace problems like a pro.

Written By : Sheetal Sharma

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