Some Strategic Highlights Of School Administration And School Supervision

26th October 2022

These two phrases namely ‘school administration’ and ‘school supervision’ are very commonly heard terms in the education sector. But having said so there’s a stark difference between the twopolarizing opposite terms. Supervision is functionally related to administration whereas administration provides the physical and material conditions for education.

Administration is invariably involved in controlling, budgeting, laying down the mission, vision and goal of a school in a whole. To explain more elaborately, school supervision is directly concerned with the day to day management of teachers. It also involves critical analysis of the regular actions done and taken by school staffs.

School Administration

Classroom Management

Out of many, one of the very prime roles of school administration is to be accountable for behavioural management and core classroom management. Administrators completely lend their support to teachers with various tools that will help them in their classrooms.


It falls under the school administration to look and control the discipline situation of the school when it goes beyond the control of a teacher. To use a more direct term, it is management of teachers.

School Operations

The administration department in all capacity keeps a school up and going. It all in all deals with the management of all school operations, starting from creating a safe zone for the smooth functioning of the school to the school budget.

Various Educational Roles

At elementary, middle and high schools, school administration is typically led by a principal. And depending on the school it may also be inclusive of assistant principal, instructional co-ordinators, athletic directors and other support staff.

School Budget

School administrators could also be superintendents who help oversee multiple schools in a particular district. Regarding a school’s budget the school administrator also decides how to spend it. Additional to this, by acquiring the online educational administration and supervision course, an individual can play vital role for students and faculty.

School Supervision

School supervision as a department directly watches over all the actions and duties performed by a school collectively. Especially the teachers who are managed through personal interaction on a daily basis. School supervisors can be appointed by preschools and day care centers. In addition to elementary high school and middle school. School supervisors involve directly with the school staff to do the job in a better way. Interdependence of the teaching and learning process. There are namely four types of school supervision.

Four Types Of School Supervision

Authoritarian supervision, Laissez-faire supervision, Democratic supervision and Bureaucratic supervision. According to the very popularly known quote of Adams and Dickey,” Supervision is a planned programme for the improvement”.

Aim to improve teaching and learning

One of the main purposes of supervision is to improve teaching and learning. So, it is more concerned about the development of teachers and pupils in a holistic way. Focusing more on the teaching and teaming activities.

The Difference Between School Administration and School Supervision

  • Very importantly the difference between school administration and school supervision comes down to the point as to how it is defined by schools, school districts and states.
  • Whereas administration deals with the proper running and functioning of a school as an institution, supervision focuses on the functionality of teachers that often they don’t have the time to oversee. But having said so for certain institution the two ‘terms’ are absolutely synonymous. Here it is important to mention both ‘school administration’ and ‘school supervision’ and its core functioning area exist so that the school runs better.
  • More than anything the dedicated agenda is that the school performs better. And students can achieve great things through education. One of the duties of a school administrator by far is to identify and articulate any school’s vision, mission and goals.
  • And helps them happen by implementing programs, delegating tasks and also through the allocation of resources. In the process empowering individual schools.
  • An administrator’s active role entails in personal issue, budget planning, curriculum planning, along with setting policy that the staffs and students will abide by. They are also responsible for serving as the organization’s public face.
  • The role of ‘Supervision’ on the other hand is to make sure that the policies and curriculum that is decided is put through and executed effectively.
  • To put it more precisely, education supervision is the positive, democratic action taken by school administrators in providing leadership to all educational workers. Supervision is more objectified towards critical watching and directing of activities or a course of action.
  • Historically, supervision has always contributed to the general development of business education. The two major functions of supervision are ------------
  • Studying the teaching learning process 2. Improving the teacher learner situation along with evaluating the means, methods and outcomes of supervision.
  • Supervision promotes accountability. Organizations become accountable in communicating with parents. Thus, making sure that they can access student’s information reliably. Lastly as far as supervision is concerned there is co-ordination and informed decision.

To End With

To conclude, we can say that school supervision deals with the quality of the service being delivered by keeping a track of the day to day functioning of teachers and other staffs. And school administration in all proper ways, massively outlines the planning, directing, organising and controlling of the institution. The key focus being the teaching-learning process. Diploma in Educational Administration and Management is something worth considering!

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Written By : Sheetal Sharma

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