Every Academic Institution Needs A Blend Of Coaching And Training To Enhance Its Image

31st October 2022

The difference between coaching and training and the proper utilization has always been a matter of concern. Both have the same perspective on upskilling but which one to opt for training or coaching is a topic of discussion. A PG diploma in educational administration says that in an institution, management & leadership must be efficient enough to figure out which one should be used and when- training or coaching.

Trainer vs coach- who’s contribution is better in the field of education?

Well, both of them aim at improving the existing knowledge of candidates who need it. When it comes to a trainer, it is about training a whole group or a batch of learners. Coaching is exclusively meant for one-to-one sessions where coaches help individual candidates per their requirements.

Therefore, when it is about a group performance or an activity, the contribution of a trainer is absolutely commendable. A coach steals the limelight when a specific person needs improvement or upskilling. Let us make it more transparent to you.

Suppose there is an interschool football tournament between school A vs school B. A football team needs a training manager or a trainer who can evaluate how a team will perform because football is teamwork. However, there is another competition called the Maths wizard where both of these schools are participating and it is a one-to-one challenge. Over here, candidates from each school need coaches for personal guidance.

Education and training statistics at regional level
Source: Eurostat

Difference between training and development:

Educational leadership revolves around these terms like training, coaching, and development. Every school administration has leaders and managers who execute their best leadership skills and focus on the overall growth of students’ performances as well as the reputation of schools.

Employee training and development in an organization are different from coaching or training programs conducted in schools. Great leaders are always aware of when their team members are struggling and what they need to improve their skills. Their development matters a lot to their leaders and they receive guidance accordingly.

Training is a significant portion of the development of an employee. Development focuses on the overall growth of an employee and it is an exclusive leadership style that emphasizes the ultimate growth of employees. In educational institutions, training refers to upskilling teachers and stuff like getting them digitally literate, using urban infrastructure, teaching an inclusive classroom, etc.

An education leader knows that such approaches will uplift the image and reputation of the institution in the long term. Overall development refers to the success rate of the institution in terms of academic performances, skill enhancement of teachers, etc.

Traits of training and coaching:

Traits of training and coaching

Do you need training and coaching at the same time?

Having a correct balance of training and coaching is required every time. Every organization must, therefore, knows how to balance these two aspects correctly. In order to reach the target line, training and coaching must go hand in hand. To kickstart a new project or a new mission, training should be the primary step followed by coaching as one-to-one evaluation is quite notable in the path of development.

Let’s say, teachers of an institution require a handful of lessons in the learning management system (LMS). Post pandemic, online education has become extremely popular due to its feasibility and accessibility. Hence, teachers should get digitally literate so that they can also conduct online classes properly. LMS, microlearning, ERP maintenance, online examination, etc., are certain criteria that teachers must be aware of in this 21st-century education.

Online Education Statistics and Business Impact
Source: THRIVE myway

A foolproof training is required where teachers will be given lessons so that they can acquire these skills and become ready for a global standard of education. They must be given assignments to check how much comfortable they’ve become with this system. After the training session is over, every teacher must be present for a coaching session. A personalized coaching session will help them discover their flaws and improve themselves. Thus, a blend of training and coaching stepwise will help a teacher to become better in the long run.

To end with:

Management and leadership in schools are constantly taking measures to improve the quality of the school. Conducting workshops for training employees are there being conducted quite often. In fact, students are also given training and personal coaching to enhance their potential in various domains like sports, maths olympiad, music band, etc. PG Diploma in educational administration encourages both these methods because their contributions are unique and invincible.

If you are looking for administrative roles or want to come up with your brand new educational venture you should be aware of more about educational management and leadership. To know more, call our toll-free number 1800-212-6400.


Written By : Rimpa Ghosh

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