Importance Of Educational management and administration in enhancing school performance?

29th December 2022

Did you know a recent survey of the employment of postsecondary education administrators is projected to grow 7% from 2021 to 2031?

Working as a skilled educational administrator gives you the authority to form various education policies, programmes as well as procedures. Educational administration is a castigation that is associated with the inspection of the managerial theory along with the practice of education.

Educational administration is the progression of managing the resources, communication and responsibilities intricate in running a school system. Experts who are associated with this mainly focus on planning, organising, coordinating, directing, controlling and evaluating students' performance.

Major Objectives Of Educational Administration

Here are some of the very important and some of most profound roles educational administration has to play in an educational organization.

Safeguarding the proper utilisation of resources: As an educational administrator, your role is confirming the appropriate utilisation of resources, like finances, materials and resources. Educational administration safeguards that resources, like textbooks etc. meet the state board standards. It also includes creating after-school improvement programmes as well as ensuring secondary activities.

Managing the problem of curriculum construction: The set of courses is extremely important by which the goals of an educational program can be understood at one point. After that the students become practical members of society to accomplish their goals and aspirations in life. Certainly, the curriculum of any academic or educational institution should be suitable and perfect which produces a problem in the educational development, which, in turn, can be solved by proper current educational administration.

To make the learner more active: Certainly, the child is the fundamental figure of every educational programme, right? It should be the prime responsibility of educational administration. Also, there must be a portrayal for the kids or students in accordance with their variety of requirements, measurements and difficulties and implement them consequently in a socially required method.

Financial decision creation: By improving human and material resources, the educational system has to contribute to the national economy. Thus, educational administration deals with making decisions with respect to the distribution of the cost of education among the center along with the states. It also plays a huge role in framing rubrics for the budgeting, spending, and controlling of the funds and resources accessible to the school.

Upholding co-operation with society: Quality education needs to be able to preserve a healthy association with society. As an educational administrator, it is your responsibility to cooperate with society to deliver the finest socially responsible quality education. To make a better society worth living, educational administration should be able to build suitable co-operation with the social order.

To follow the legal provision: As an educational administrator, it is your accountability to follow all the legal provisions of the programme stringently. You need to understand whether all the work are being done according to guidelines and regulations meant for the educational programmes or not.

Deliver satisfactory physical facilities: You will deal with the various difficulties of provision and preservation of the school equipment, play materials, library, hostel building along with other co-curricular activities etc.

Apart from all these important aspects, as an educational administrator, you will also provide direction to teachers and other staff members. You will also play a crucial role in planning the valuation that procedures the accomplishment and development of students. A big part of educational administrator roles includes using technology to improve students' accomplishment.

Wrapping Up

To end with, we can see clearly that how educational administration plays a huge part in a school’s achievement. Overall, it is a structure of appropriate utilisation of employees and resources for effective teaching and learning in schools as well as colleges. If you want to become an educational administrator, Certificate in Educational Administration and Management is something worth considering. School development is safeguarding that students are provided with encouraging learning conditions.


Written By : Bindita Sinha

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