Become a Successful School Leader: Top Essential Time Management Tips To Make Your Job Easier

10th January 2024

Time management is one of the essential skills that ‍comes in handy for every individual who wants to become successful in their profession. For school leaders also, it’s one of the vital skills that they should learn because the responsibility of running a school and managing every aspect of it can be overwhelming.

School leaders have to manage the different administrative tasks, staff management, create a safe environment for every member of the school provide support to their students, and many more tasks on the list which is never-ending. However, time management skills can help every school leader to manage their responsibility comfortably.

According to the survey as well, we can see most of the participants agree that better time management can reduce their stress increase productivity, and become able to lead a more balanced life. 

what do you feel are benefits of better time manafement

Now we know how beneficial time management can be for any school leader, let’s explore

some of the effective and essential time management tips that are easy to implement and specifically tailored for school leaders.

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So, without any further delay, let’s get started.

Set Realistic Deadlines and Make Priorities

The first ever step to effective time management for every school leader is being realistic about what can be achieved in a day. Crafting out an impossibly long list of things that can be achieved will only lead to stress and focus-less work. Instead, adopt the 1-3-5 rule. Prioritize one big task, three medium tasks, and five small tasks daily. Such an approach will help one focus on the most important but achievable goals of that particular day.

You should set the priorities by assessing the urgency and importance of any task at hand. Begin by noting every task together with its deadline. If there may be a task with no assigned deadline, give yourself one to avoid it from falling out of your mind. Organize the checklist in regards to both deadlines and the importance of carrying out the duties to avoid neglecting them.

Additionally, those school leaders who have pursued courses like Certificate in Educational Administration and Management, know the value of setting their priorities right to run the school successfully towards growth.

Break Tasks into Manageable Chunks

When a task looks so big, one doesn't even know where to start. To save yourself from that stress, you need to break it into smaller and more manageable bits of the same task. Each bit should not take you more than 2-3 hours to accomplish. This way, you are focused and you feel like that is something you do not leave hanging as you complete each segment of the task.

In addition, breaking the task into smaller parts ensures you have a flow of accomplishment and productivity throughout the project. The approach assures you are consistently driven and you can track your progress effectively as well.

Start with the Most Difficult Task

Procrastination is one of the productivity killer habits and it could be a very major one. Most of the time we procrastinate by just seeing how much task we have to complete and we delay it till it’s too late.

However, time management can help you to deal with this situation. Completing your most challenging task can help you overcome the temptation of delaying your work. When you complete your biggest and most difficult task in the early time of the day, you feel a relief and an accomplishment that flows through the remaining part of the day.

Take Strategic Breaks

Contrary to what many believe, taking breaks can increase productivity. Without the breaks, mental and physical fatigue can impair your effectiveness. Schedule short breaks (10-15 minutes) periodically throughout your day to recharge.

You can utilize this time to chat with other school members, do some quick stretching, or even go for a short walk. Do not waste your attention on the phone during work hours and use it only when break times arrive to maintain your focus while working.

Returning from a break back to work will leave you feeling fresh and ready for another task. Remember, breaks are not a waste of time but the most important part of keeping yourself productive and healthy.

Delegate Responsibility

Don't be a one-man army as a leader in your school. You should not consider doing all the tasks by yourself. You may delegate duties and responsibilities to competent staff members so that you don't only lighten work for yourself but also make others feel capable or empowered to take responsibility and develop their abilities. Assign yourself high priorities and key tasks that nobody else can perform, and consider delegating all other tasks to qualified individuals in the school.

Utilize Technology

Also, make technology work for you. Use calendar reminders and email automation to cut out the very things that rob your day of its glory. Using task management software like “TUIO” will also take the extra pressure off you related to billing and payments and leave more time for other important stuff.

Leveraging the Most Productive Times of Your Day

Most people naturally have certain times in the day when they are at their optimal productivity. Decide on the time during which you feel most productive and allot your heaviest or most challenging tasks during these periods. In this way, you will be able to use your energy and concentration working on something that needs attention and efforts because it's important. Reserve simpler and less demanding tasks for periods when your energy will naturally dip, like the last hour before ending your hectic day at school.

Practice Self-Care

Your well-being is key to achieving success in school and the general feeling of your overall well-being. Ensure you get enough rest, eat well balanced meals as well as keep fit for high energy levels. Do not let your life revolve so much around work that you forget your personal life and hobbies. By taking time for rejuvenating and refreshing activities you will be able to enhance your ability to serve your faculty, students, and families effectively.

Time Management Is The Key To Ensure Your School’s Success

Being a school leader is not an easy job. You have lots of responsibilities on your shoulders from making the right decisions in favour of the school to managing every member of school even students can be a challenging task. However, those teachers who have pursued courses like Certificate in Educational Administration and Management, know the value of time management skills and how it can make their job easier.

In this blog post as well, we have shared some of the essential time management skills that every school leader should acquire to make their job smoother.

By applying the above-mentioned strategies every school leader can be well-equipped to handle the demands of your role as a school leader and achieve your goals with greater ease and efficiency.

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Written By : Sheetal Sharma

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