Human Relations in Educational Administration

8th May 2020

Human Relations is considered the capacity to interact and work well with other individuals.  Human Relations looks at both individual and group dynamics in the social scene.

When we come to any individual gathering on a social platform, human relations play the pivotal part in steering the direction.  Today we will explore how the human relations affect the Educational Administration and what all factors we need to keep in mind.

When we speak to human relations, the word “conflict” cannot be very far away. There are various problems and challenges when it comes to managing conflicts in human relations. The various interpersonal relations that are formed in an educational premise can be all that is listed below and more:-

Relation between –

  • Principle and Teachers
  • Among Teachers
  • HOD and rest of the Teachers
  • Teachers and students
  • Principle and students
  • Principle and admin staff
  • Teachers and admin staff
  • Teachers and parents
  • Among students
  • Among Admin staff
  • Principle and outsourced vendors
  • Principle and Trustees
  • Teachers and Trustees … and so on

Some of the key factors in dealing with human relations in school administration set up are:-

  • Self-respect
  • Group dynamics
  • Clear communication
  • Mutual respect
  • Motivation

Most of the problems that may arise can be the lack of one if the above or a combination of some of those.

A relation is an understanding between 2 individuals and interdependence between both. Without the support of the School Leader / Principle, it is not possible for teachers to stay motivated and similarly to achieve a good academic result the Leader depends on the teachers.  Similarly the relation between students and teachers also follow a certain rhythm of trust, faith and respect and both parties must see that this apple cart is never toppled.

A clear, transparent and motivated environment ensures that human relations can function with least amount of friction and conflict. It is the role of the School Leader to make sure that such an environment is prevalent with absolute support from the teachers and admin staff – herein the factor mentioned above of “mutual respect”, “clear communication” and “motivation” plays a key role. Without the help of admin staff and teachers it is impossible to run a school in the right order. Once the School Leader realizes the importance of maintaining good relation with the teachers and the admin staff, they can collectively lead the school to great performance and overall improvement. Each member of the school including the students and parents should feel like a valued member of the community. When one feels valued, only then can positive outcome be ensured.

Meetings between teachers, meetings between Principle and teachers, meetings between Principle and admin staff, Parent-Teachers meetings, Students Forum are some of the ways where one can discuss and understand the different perspectives. These can in turn lead to better problem solving and lessening of conflicts and improved interpersonal relations. The School Leader must ensure that such meetings are happening at regular intervals as this should be a continuous process.

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