Why Educational Administration is Important for Teacher Education?

13th November 2020

A successful and renowned school is more than just good teaching. While good teaching and having excellent academic team are crucial, one cannot deny the role a robust administration has on the education system and on the development of the child as a whole. Effective administration and operations support an education that goes well beyond imparting knowledge.

The term “Administration” doesn’t mean a single act or process. Administration is a large umbrella and a lot of activities like planning, organizing, directing, coordinating, controlling and performance evaluation come under this umbrella. This condition applies to educational administration also.

  • Allows Teachers to Focus On Teaching

Having a strong and effective administration in an educational institute ensures good policies and procedures impact teaching and learning as smoothly as possible. Crucial information such as pastoral data, assessment results and lesson observations informs tailored teaching strategies to help children achieve as highly as possible.

An effective and robust administration will see to it that data is updated in a timely manner, made available to teachers and also ensure that teachers can use it and also record their observations. This allows teachers to focus on their lessons and prioritize student achievement, instead of getting tied up with the administrative load required to access such important information.

  • Administration Promotes Accountability

When the parents select a school for their children, it is with intention to provide the best of education to them. Herein, the reputation of a school draws the attention of the parents. They are the clients for the schools and are important from the marketing perspective. Parents are the ones who will continue to choose the school for younger siblings, or make recommendations to their friends.

For this reason, it’s important that school administration should be a well equipped with all documented process, procedures and record-keeping. Detailed school records provide parents with peace of mind that their child’s academic and personal development is being looked after, as well as their general safety and daily wellbeing.

  • Administration Informs Decisions

The records and data of the school administration help the school authorities to make informed decisions and support their vision. In fact an able school administration is able to analyze the various key data and that helps in making the school’s strategic decisions around the education provisions.

The teachers are the front line community of the academic institutions. Since the teachers are involved in the different aspects of school functioning, and deal with the students and the parents directly, hence their say in decision making is vital. The teaching community is also aware of the different loopholes of the institution functioning and therefore makes all the more sense of involving her in the administrative process.

The contribution of the teacher helps in enhancing the quality of teaching and the school in general. This is the main reason why teachers need to upgrade their skills in educational leadership and administrative skills. This gives them a better insight of how to run the school administration.

Written By : Anamika Mukherjee

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