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26th December 2017

Taking your teaching career one step ahead: The careers available in education management can fit into the personal and professional goals of education specialists for all levels and areas, with so many options to choose from. A background and degree in educational management degree program with an emphasis on management is helpful for gaining the knowledge needed to best set up processes and systems to help students be successful.

Educational Leadership and Management programme has been developed for education professionals who are aspiring to step into the educational leadership and management positions. These programs provide you with the opportunity to enhance your skills and knowledge in a wide range of leadership and management theories and frameworks.

The program provides students with the most relevant theoretical knowledge they need to strengthen their experience and work on a broader spectrum in the education industry. This process includes critically analysing models relating to change management, organisational culture and the impact of leadership and management on organisational effectiveness.

Role of education administrators: Education administrators direct the daily activities of elementary and secondary schools, colleges and universities and educational institutions. There is growing recognition of the essential roles school administrators play in student achievement.

An educational management degree program prepares you to work in schools as an administrator. You can also look for programs in educational administration, which are more common and cover the same concepts and skills. Many schools offer online options for an educational management or administration master's degree program.

Educational management degree programs require you to be an experienced teacher to be eligible to pursue the same. If you choose an online program, your schedule can usually be flexible enough to maintain your current position.

Career Options

Educational administration trainees learn how to design curriculum, meet the educational needs of students and evaluate staff. They also help in developing educational management skills which include communication and administrative skills. Trainees of these programs might enter careers as instructional coordinators, principals or assistant principals.

1. Instructional Coordinator

Instructional coordinators help design curricula, train and evaluate teachers, choose educational materials and see that school programs are meeting district, state and federal standards. Instructional coordinators design tests and oversee teacher and curriculum evaluation processes, research new developments or techniques in educational theory and develop solutions to problems.

2. Principal

Principals are educational administrators for elementary or secondary schools. They make decisions, set long-term goals and create mission statements for schools. Principals also evaluate, hire and fire teachers and other employees, and they must meet school district initiatives and standards. Much of their job involves interacting with parents and students to gather input and address concerns.

3. Assistant Principal

Assistant principals interact directly with more school staff and students than do principals. They coordinate maintenance workers, food service personnel and bus drivers to ensure smooth operations within the school. They hold students responsible for their behaviour and educational efforts by administering disciplinary actions and providing counselling services.

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