To Manage Or Lead?

4th January 2018

The aim of education management: Education management is keeping things moving smoothly in an education organization. Scheduling meetings, making sure that everyone has an agenda, generating accurate reports of the education organization, falls into the job profile of an education administrator. These are tasks that help teachers feel like their school or college is running in a systematic manner. Education administrators structure people's work lives by maintaining systems and rules.

What role leadership plays: Leadership in education organizations, on the other hand, demands a more dynamic approach. It requires a vision that can be clearly and meaningfully articulated, a vision that other people can work upon because it is inspiring, forward-thinking and resonates with what they themselves have defined as their purpose or passion.

Whether it is a new assessment plan, a curricular review, a general sustaining of intellectual and professional wellbeing – the need for balancing a get-it-done approach with a vision for why it should matter is what an educational leader can do. Educational Administration and Management work upon a shared vision that makes sense on a day to day basis.

Education Administration is a vital calling: The classroom should be a place where we focus on the big questions, the life-changing, mind-bending questions that matter. The Educational Administration and Management course in India aims at developing the insights of a global educator to figure out how to manage projects, time and energy so that those ideas can emerge and be shared.

The leadership development program for teachers culminate in a major research project, so they require a continuously fine-tuned balance of independent work on the part of the student and intense hands-on guidance on the part of an educator.

How an education leader makes a difference: As an education administrator or a team leader the students in the course become contributors to getting the work done, as well as to the overall vision of what we're trying to do. It is a common goal for educators to share and instils a responsibility in all for fulfilling that vision. The role of a trainee of an Educational Administration and Management course India is to manage and also to lead. Education Management and leadership theory work towards finding a blend of both to be productive.

If as an education management and leadership trainee, you always think you and your team can do better, and you push everyone to reach higher, then you clearly are achievement-oriented. You like to set stretch goals and you encourage continuous improvement. You empower students and give them autonomy, assuming they will do their personal and team best. You constantly show confidence in the ability of individual employees and teams.

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