Characteristics of a Successful Educational Leader

10th June 2021

Educational leadership is a broad and essential aspect of every educational institute because effective leadership is required to set a firm vision that is relevant and inspiring for the teachers and members of staff to pursue. Furthermore, proper leadership helps ensure that the right level of learning is being implemented, efficient operations are being performed, and thorough training of the teachers is taking place. Successful leaders are also capable of stimulating the culture of learning and growth, and holds the ability to proactively respond to internal and external changes. There are plenty of educational leadership programs that are available for existing and aspiring school leaders, administrators, principals, head teachers, and other individuals in the leadership role to pursue. Here are some of the fundamental characteristics that can be found in a successful educational leader.

  • Empower teachers: Successful leaders are those who have faith in their teachers, and are thus willing to share some of the important responsibilities with them. This typically occurs in the form of delegation wherein important duties and autonomy are assigned to the teachers so that they can monitor their own projects and roles. This enables the teachers to develop their own leadership skills as they are in charge of a group of subordinates under them. Likewise, delegation reflects that the teacher has faith in the teachers’ abilities, which can be an important source of motivation and thus empower the teachers to give their best efforts.
  • Make use of data and resources: Normally, schools and institutes have sets of data comprising information about the students. This massive amount of data is an important resource, and as commonly highlighted in a resource management program, successful leaders must be able to draw information from these data in order to procure an extensive understanding of the students’ backgrounds, cultural inclinations, disabilities, and other features. This will enable leaders to be thoroughly aware of the students, and identify events, programs, extracurricular activites, additional support options, or teaching strategies that can be deployed in alignment with the learners’ preferences. Nowadays numerous statistical softwares are available to sort the data and format them in a way that enables easier interpretation.
  • A solid vision: This characteristic is commonly evident in almost every successful leader. They always start with a solid vision that is clear and feasible. At the same time, the vision must be properly explained, and its components must be unveiled so that the teachers and other staff members can properly comprehend what it means and relate with the vision. Once the teachers understand and relate with the vision, then they are likely to work towards it with greater focus.
  • Promote inclusion: It is worth noting that successful leaders are capable of promoting an inclusive environment wherein all the members’ skills are acknowledged, and everyone is included in the decision making process. No one is isolated or left out, and a sense of belonging prevails amidst the teachers and other members of staff. When this happens, everyone feels naturally motivated, and their performance levels get enhanced.

A certificate in education management is a common option that many aspiring and existing educational leaders can pursue in order to maximise their leadership abilities. These courses profoundly delve into how successful leaders function, and resorts to multiple theories, frameworks, and practical examples to explain. As it happens, different leaders possess different qualities, and it is essential to acknowledge that not every leader attains success in the same way. However, the aforementioned elements are some of the common traits that they happen to manifest.


Written By : Shivangi Chakraborty

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