Why Education Management Information System (EMIS) Is Important?

24th September 2021

The system of running an educational institution is diverse and dynamic. Starting from keeping financial records to maintaining logistics and institutional data, every bit of information is an essential part of educational management. Furthermore, the bigger the institution the heavier the volume of work and its maintenance.

Nowadays, all modern educational organization uses technology and software for administering the institute effectively. Courses in Educational Management can help educational administrators accommodate changes with a better perspective.

When we look at Education Management Information System (EMIS) it serves as a complete system that connects the entire institute digitally. A system that helps in collection, integration, maintenance of data and information to support planning, monitoring, management, and decision-making process at all levels of the educational system.

Implementation of EMIS is not just trending it is now widely practiced. Education Management Information System is very effective when it comes to a uniform structure for operation and thus very well appreciated for being the foundational pillar of modern institutions.

Benefits of Education Management Information System (EMIS) –

• A platform that keeps a systematic record of all the information in a single place. EMIS works as a storehouse for data gathering. It can also analyze and create reports that can be used to monitor the growth of the educational organization and academic progress.

• The customization feature makes EMIS more accessible for various types of institutes. EMIS can be used in schools, colleges, and universities. Institution, as required, can implement Management Information Systems in alignment with their student’s strengths.

• Access to virtual learning space for students. The MIS system not only handles instructional and administrative operations, it also has a learning management feature that works beyond attendance data, transportation management, payroll, and fee management.

• Education Management Information System (EMIS) can manage multiple branches. This system can also be implemented on a group level where the organization has several branches at different locations. It can streamline the operations of all sites, gather live data for better decision-making.

How Education Management Information System (EMIS) A Unified Technology In The School?

Administrative decisions are majorly influenced by data insights. EMIS software helps in all operational aspects including academic management –

education management information system

Parent-Teacher Communication

Teachers with the help of EMIS can communicate with the parents about their children. This tool provides a platform to communicate both academic and non-academic activities of students instantaneously, where parents can also share their feedback with the teacher.

Fee Management

The fee collection of the entire school can be monitored through EMIS. For schools the biggest source of revenue is student fees, it is also a wide area to cover by the administrative staff. EMIS system helps to keep a periodical track, send alerts to the parents with an online payment gateway.

Exam Management

Another integral process within the educational institute is conducting examinations for its students. EMIS simplifies the work of teachers in publishing the results also; online examinations can be scheduled automatically. The feature of online grade books provides an opportunity for parents to review the same.

Schedule Timetable

Both every day routine and examination schedule of the entire institution can be viewed. This includes classroom timetable, teacher’s timetable, and institution timetable. All of this is accessible from a mobile app/website. Teachers can plan their week without having to miss anything.

Admission & Enquiry Management

School can have a better view of the yearly admission in an analytical way. For educational institutions, it is important to retain and improve admission over the years. EMIS software can help the organization manage the inquiry throughout the year and define both academic goals and institutional goals more informed.

Students Information

Student data are vital for any educational institute. With EMIS, the information is readily available all the time. The availability of students’ academic, performance, and basic personal information allows a smooth operation for both teachers and administrative staff members.

Payroll & Leave

Education Management Information System(EMIS) also helps to keep a track of the payroll and leave days of teachers, faculty members, and other staff. This also provides a scope for the teachers and other faculty members to access pay slips and apply for leave.


Especially for school transportation system is a huge part. EMIS manages the entire function of buses, drivers, bus timings, and routes. In addition to this, the software also provides live alerts for the parents. It increases the safety protocol of the institutes.

Library Management

Library facility is a major part of the educational institutes especially the ones with big campuses. EMIS has made it more flexible for students and teachers to brown online about books and it also makes it more efficient to keep a track of the issued books.

Conclusively, now that technology is leading the educational system, Education Management Information System can be utilized to embrace the possibilities of a centralized system. With this, information has been made accessible, students’ safety can be better sustained and the overall administrative management can be made more organized.

Also, for any administrative leader, Courses in Educational Management can help them bring innovative and an effective approach to adapt to the changes that they experience in their educational institutes.


Written By : Sonal Agrawal

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