School Administration Is Now Easy With EMIS

30th October 2021

Education management information system (EMIS) is a viral topic in today's world. Earlier, schools and other educational institutions used to perform all the activities in manual mode. There were executives for various academics as well as operational domains. They used to deal with clients, students, teachers, parents, and other staff members quite efficiently.

However, the scenario is way different now owing to the pandemic. Schools, colleges, universities, and other academic organizations are temporarily closed as covid-19 is predominating. Online education is the new normal. The communication gap between teachers and students is diminished due to the presence of this online mode of study.

Educational organizations have switched to complete online mode and services are, surprisingly, being provided in real-time. This unfamiliar order though seemed a bit difficult initially. With proper skills and knowledge, accompanied by the training of online education management courses, people are getting accustomed to education management information systems.

Administrative and management by EMIS:

One of the classic traits of EMIS is that they do not need much customization. The platforms are created in a manner by keeping in mind the operational expertise of the employees. Various administrative and e-learning tasks can be easily accomplished using the EMIS. Data of students, their scorecard, fee management, classroom assessment progress, and much other information can be easily collected.

Other activities like virtual classroom management, student interactions, and other activities can all be performed. Analysis of data, data evaluation, and providing a verdict based on the information is now a piece of cake for the executives who take care of the EMIS. Spreadsheets, PowerPoint, Word documents, and other software were being used earlier to store the data. Management in education now requires something beyond such software and hence the importance of EMIS

Digital transformation has enabled the usage of EMIS to a great extent.

Benefits of using EMIS:

EMIS has undoubtedly helped in enhancing the management skills of the school administrators and other members. Teachers have undergone online education management courses to get professionally trained in executing their lectures. Besides conducting exams and evaluating the scoresheet, teachers are using EMIS to conduct the parent-teachers meetings so that there is a clear connection between them.

There are multiple aspects where EMIS has excelled. Those are:

Academic activities: Scheduling online examinations is one of the major concerns of this digital-education era. Creating an exam portal, setting up e-question papers, collecting the answer sheets, etc., other tasks can be performed hassle-free by using online educational platforms. Apart from that, post result declaration, teachers also discuss the answers sheets virtually with the students. Parent-teachers meetings are now in the virtual mode only.

Dashboard management: Performace management of students is now butter smooth. The EMIS dashboard has all the historic information of the students, their past and present performance, and the progress rate. Thus, tracking the record of the students is now easily feasible.

Perfect schedule: Timeline management is no more rocket science. Different classroom schedules can be fixed just with a minute tap. Such facilities have made EMIS one of the most useful platforms for educational administration in this digital era. Teachers and students both can access the timeline from their mobile devices as well.

Human resource management: Counting the number of leaves taken by teachers and other members is no more a hectic job! With EMIS, leave and payroll management is superbly easy.

Safety and security: Transportation, being of the most critical genres of worrying can be tracked effortlessness. Details like the departure and the arrival of the school bus will be in the palms!

EMIS in the future:

With the onset of 5G technology, using EMIS will be easy peasy. Also, accessing the data will be quicker and more nonchalant. The Internet of things has performed remarkably well in creating such an advantageous platform. Real-time jobs in the total virtual mode were beyond the imagination of people a decade back, but since dreams have transferred into reality, people are going gaga!

Leadership and management skills have also got their productivity increased to the next level. We can, for sure, expect that EMIS will be more efficient in the future and will be a cup of tea for everybody. The price of EMIS depends upon various factors and if you prefer a customized platform, the price can drastically increase than the normal rate. But remember Joker from The Dark Knight Rises? IF YOU ARE GOOD AT SOMETHING, NEVER DO IT FOR FREE!

Needless to say, the educational system supported massively by the EMIS has implemented the task in a fantastic manner. Online education management courses will help! Educational institutions should never give up this platform even if they get re-opened post covid era.

Written By : Rimpa Ghosh

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