Learning Through the Components of Educational Administration

22nd February 2018

The aim of any education organization in the 21st century is to provide a holistic management system for the effective development of global learners. The aim of educators, who pursue training in education management training in Bangalore, is to train students at significantly higher levels with different strategies for different learning situations.

Following standards & taking accountability:

In Education Management & Leadership Program in Thailand, global educators are trained to move beyond their specific domain and expand their career into the much-needed aspects of education management and leadership domains of education.

Through these programs they are trained that plans and techniques be applied, results must be produced and measured appropriate to achieving a high-productivity economy and maintaining democratic institutions.

A successful educational system is based on consequences for policymakers, educators and students on demonstrated performance. It takes accountability for the student’s curriculum, instruction and time they need to succeed.

The need for assessments and decision making:

A successful system focuses on results, measuring and reporting student, school and system performance so that students, teachers, parents and the public can understand and act on the information. Assessment strategies are as strong and rich as the outcomes, as it inevitably influences what is taught.

Global educators, who take charge of the educational development at large, need to re-examine how student performance is assessed, encouraging tests and other assessment strategies that reflect the thoughtful integration of knowledge, an understanding of main ideas and problem-solving.

School teachers and staff play a major role in making instructional decisions. Having a pro-active authority include real involvement in the selection of school staff, with instructional staff helping to select the principal, the principal helping to select teachers and both helping to select other personnel.

Driving a successful system:

  • A successful system insists on meaningful preparation and continuous learning for teachers and administrators that drives improved teaching, learning and school management.
  • A successful system gives individual schools the freedom of action and resources necessary for high performance and true accountability.
  • A successful system enables parents to support the learning process, influence schools and make choices about their children’s education.
  • A successful system uses technology to broaden access to knowledge and to improve learning and productivity.
  • A successful system provides a safe, well-disciplined and caring environment for student learning.


Giving major emphasis on focus areas:

Major emphasis is placed on staff development, focusing on four areas:

  1. Pre-service training with greater emphasis on subject matter, field experience and effective use of technology;
  2. Alternative certification opportunities for career changers and well-qualified, non-education majors;
  3. Significant research and development capacities to identify schools and instructional practices that work with all children, including a training system that permits staff to participate in this process;
  4. Selection, preparation and upgrading programs for administrators, instructional support staff and other non-teachers to assure leadership and assistance that contribute to improved student achievements.
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