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Addressing School Burnout

13th December 2021

The pressure of the previous disrupted school year is impacting all 21st-century educators. As an educational leader, you know that stress is unavoidable. Try these strategies out. ...

Written By : Rimpa Ghosh
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How Leadership And Mentorship Are Related?

22nd November 2021

To deliver school as well as team leaders with valuable feedback, superintendents and principals have to see their leadership instants. Leadership mentoring is a tried and trusted process for developing the best leaders of tomorrow. ...

Written By : Sheetal Sharma
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School Administrators Are Acting As Strong Pillars

15th November 2021

Having a master's degree is important for a person who is on the school's administration board. The educational institutions make sure that the administrators are capable enough to formulate rules and regulations of the schools and check if those are being followed properly. Besides, they also look after the success of the school district. ...

Written By : Sonal Agrawal
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Pandemic: The New Survival Of The Fittest

8th November 2021

A massive change happened when the online mode of education got introduced. The members of public schools were not much aware of the online mode of education. Therefore, it really became difficult for them to conduct classes online and track the performance rate of the students. Well, they learned a tad slower but they evolved brilliantly. ...

Written By : Shivangi Chakraborty
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School Administration Is Now Easy With EMIS

30th October 2021

Spreadsheets, PowerPoint, Word documents, and other software were being used earlier to store the data. Management in education now requires something beyond such software and hence the importance of EMIS. ...

Written By : Rimpa Ghosh
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A Definitive Guide To Visitor Management System For Schools

11th October 2021

What is a visitor management system? This helps in streamlining the various aspects within school premises. Keeping the school safe is an important part of fostering a healthy learning background. ...

Written By : Sheetal Sharma
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